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Sarah’s Story

Sarah Fisher is a single adoptive mum who, struggling with her child’s behaviour found an amazing approach to parenting called Non Violent Resistance.   She learnt about the approach, started implementing it at home and saw the way it transformed her family’s life.  Sarah then trained in this approach to become an accredited NVR Practitioner.  Since then she has been helping families across the UK and internationally.


The Conferences

Where did the idea come from?

As Sarah started supporting more and more families it became apparent that many were struggling to get the help they needed and it often meant attending lots of different meetings / conferences / training days without necessarily knowing if it would help.

Knowing how hard it can be to get to lots of different events, Sarah wanted to create one event where you had the opportunity to hear from different experts, all in one place and all in one day.  The other important thing was that you could choose which workshops you attended.  

Sarah decided this conference would be different, and would allow parents total choice in the sessions they attend.  She also wanted the workshops to cover a wide range of topics and be led by experts in their fields.

From this the Connective Parenting Conference was born.

Looking for support that isn’t part of the conferences?

If you’re looking for details on Connective Parenting and NVR, and the support Sarah offers, please visit, where you’ll find all the information you need.