Leicester 2020

We are very excited to be bringing the Connective Parenting Conference to Leicester on 29th February 2020.

When and Where?

The Conference is taking place on Saturday 29th February at the Holiday Inn.  We have a section of the hotel just for the conference so you don’t need to worry about trying to find your way around. 

There is plenty of parking available in the car park next door to the hotel.  The train station isn’t far away if coming by train.

The hotel address is 129 St. Nicholas CircleLeicester,LE1 5LX


You can find all the details for the hotel here.

The day starts with registration from 9.15am and finishes at 4.15.

9.15   Registration

9.30   Welcome

9.45   First Workshop session

11       Morning break

11.30 Second Workshop session

12.45  Lunch

1.15   Third Workshop session

2.30  Afternoon Break

3       Fourth Workshop session

4.15   Plenary

4.30  Finish

The workshops

We have a great selection of workshops taking place at the conference – there’s something for everyone.

When you book your ticket you’ll be able to book the workshops that you want to attend.  They are on a first come first served basis, so book early to guarantee you can attend your first choices.


You will need to choose one workshop to attend in each session, which you will book when you buy your tickets.  Spaces on each workshop are limited and booked on a first come first served basis.

Helping your anxious child

Does your child struggle with Anxiety?

✖️Perhaps they prefer to stay at home rather than face other people.

✖️Maybe they have put their life on hold because they are scared about having a panic attack.

✖️Have they lost their confidence and they prefer to stay on the side-lines?

✖️Is school refusal a daily battle?

Life’s no fun when anxiety is ruling your lives.

Teen Anxiety and Mental Health is reaching worrying levels.  60% of people who are asking for help are not given the resources they need ...

Whilst 39% of GPs prescribe anti-depressants to under 18s ... only 1% of those GPs believe the medication to be an effective solution

This workshop will stop your child becoming another statistic :

This workshop will help as it is designed to:

✔️Reassure you that Anxiety is manageable

✔️Help you feel more confident about supporting your child with their mental health issues

✔️ Give you the tools to get to grips with anxiety and minimise panic attacks

This workshop will help Parents, so that they know what to do to support their child.

All exercises and tools taught at very child friendly – so I suggest whatever age your child – this workshop will help.

Led by Cai Graham

The amazing survival strategy of dissociation and how it connects with trauma

When a child or infant feels threatened in an extreme or life threatening situation, they seek to protect themselves from the overwhelming feeling of fear. Physically, the child or infant cannot escape, but psychologically they can.

Dissociation is often known as the act of disconnecting from reality and emotions, or ‘daydreaming’. However in this workshop you will learn about how complex dissociation can be and how amazing our children’s minds are to adapt to their environment. This survival strategy not only meets their need to avoid terrifying situations, but also the need for protection, companionship, parenting, and ability to cope with traumatic memories. I hope this workshop provides you with a few lightbulb moments and a new way of viewing your child’s behaviours and responses to situations, as well as how to respond.

Led by Erin May

Story Massage

Story Massage combines the benefits of positive, respectful touch and engaging story telling. It is based on 10 simple strokes. Story Massage can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

It is fully inclusive, no clothing is removed, no oils applied.

During the workshop you will learn what story massage is about and what the benefits are.  You will be introduced to the 10 basic strokes and prepare a short story/song to massage each other.  

I personally work with children aged 2-7 but story massage can be used with any age group.

Led by Anne Schuetz

Adventures in Attachment

Sometimes our children’s behaviour can really trigger something emotionally inside us as parents that we are not comfortable with.

This workshop will consider the different Attachment patterns and introduce parents to a useful practice they can do themselves at home to develop a deeper self-understanding.

This in turn will help them to respond to their children’s behaviours in a way that enables them to build healthy attachments.

Led by Zara Hunt

Nurturing Emotional Security from Trauma

Staying in a love based, relationship focused mindset. 

practical tips to help parents stay trauma aware, equanimous (calm and composed) and connection focused when faced with escalating behaviours that challenge. 

Led by Neil Griffiths

Conscious Communication

What is our focus when we speak to our children? Is it to support and build the
spirit of our child or is it to get them to do something or be a certain kind of
person? If we view our child as “naughty” or “rude” or “lazy” we will use
language that is often negative and controlling, and the relationship loses out.

If we reframe our thinking to “tired” or “struggling” or “curious” we are more
likely to use language to support and build connection.

This workshop will help us to communicate for connection and set boundaries with respect.

Focused towards primary age children but applicable to all ages.

Led by Jaclyn Morton

Raising your presence 

Do you feel like your child ignores you?  Maybe they don’t want to spend time with you and make that very clear.  The opposite might also be true that they never want to leave your side and it feels a little suffocating.

In this workshop you are going to discover how to change that, whichever issue you’re struggling with.  We’ll look at how you can build the relationship so that they want to spend time with you (even teenagers!) and are comfortable without you at their side 24/7.

It’s appropriate for parents with children of all ages and needs.

Led by Sarah Fisher

Relax Kids 

Explanation of the Relax Kids seven step system to bring children from high energy to calm and relaxation.

Benefits of relaxation and mindfulness for children including promoting confidence, positivity and self- esteem.

Practical tools and techniques for parents to use at home to help them calm their child.

Led by Laura Jarvis

Understanding Anger

In this workshop we’ll look at what anger is and our responses to it, both from the perspective of the parent and child.

Anger is often an outward expression of a different emotion, and during the workshop you’ll discover how to uncover what they might be.

This session is suitable for parents with children of all ages and needs.

Led by Sarah Fisher

How to Communicate with Your Uncommunicative TEEN

Are you tired of the eye-rolling and the door slamming?

Perhaps your teenager spends 90% of their time in their room?

Maybe you’re worried about them – but they just won’t open up to you?

This workshop will help as it is designed to :

✔️Reassure you about your child’s behaviour

✔️Help you feel more confident about your child’s mental health

✔️ Ask the right questions so that you can connect with your teen better.

Whilst we say TEEN – many of you will realise that the teenage years start way before the 13th birthday and often extend to past the age of 19.

 So this workshop is geared towards parents of any child who is approaching adolescence and hasn’t quite come out the other side.

Led by Cai Graham

Managing Meltdowns

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn what to do in the moment when your child is escalating, what not to do and how to reduce the chances of meltdowns happening at all.

We’ll look at strategies and ideas that you can put into place straight away.

It is suitable for parents with children of all ages. 

Led by Sarah Fisher 

What is trauma and attachment and how can Occupational Therapy support?

The aims of the workshop are to provide the listener with an understanding of children who have experienced a traumatic start to their lives and how this affects their development with the foundation sensory systems (vestibular, proprioception, tactile) which impacts on the child`s physical, social, emotional development and access to play and learning opportunities. Have an understanding of play and how the occupational therapist supports parents to learn how to activate and inhibit the child`s arousal levels in a fun, safe, secure and nurturing way which is appropriate to the child`s sensory attachment needs.

Led by Lauren Davitt

How EFT can help you and your family

EFT is an amazing technique that can help you manage emotions.  You can use the approach in a wide variety of ways and it is suitable for adults and children.

During the workshop you’ll learn:

  • what is it
  • what are the benefits
  • what it can be used for 
  • how to use the approach to help you.

Led by Mandy Middleton 

There are 4 workshop sessions during the day, with different workshops happening in each session.

The table below shows you which workshops are happening when.

When you book your tickets you will be asked to book one workshop per session.

Session 1

Adventures in Attachment


The amazing survival strategy of dissociation

Story Massage

Session 2

Nurturing emotional security from trauma

Understanding Anger

The amazing survival strategy of dissociation

Story Massage


Session 3

Relax Kids

Managing Meltdowns

How to communicate with your uncommunicative teen

What is trauma and attachment and how can Occupational Therapy support?


Session 4

Conscious Communication

Raising your presence

Helping your anxious child

What is trauma and attachment and how can Occupational Therapy support?



“Fabulous day.  I loved the structure as it gave me time to think between each workshop and I wasn’t rushing from one to the next.”

“Not only have I learnt a lot today, it’s been great self care.  The food has been lovely and it was good to be able to talk to others who understood my issues”

“I was worried about turning up alone, but I needn’t have been.  I was greated by a friendly face at the registration desk and introduced to other parents.  I felt very welcome.”

Worried about coming by yourself?

Turning up somewhere by yourself can feel scary.  We totally understand that and that’s why we will meet you at the door and introduce you to other parents if you’d like us to.  All you need to do is email enquiries@sarahpfisher.com in advance and we’ll arrange it with you.  It’s not a problem at all.

Worried about the cost?

The conference is run at cost, because we are passionate about helping as many families as possible.  We’ve tried to keep the price as affordable as possible, but do understand you might be worried about spending that amount.  Attending is an investment in future health and happiness of your family.  The knowledge, skills and techniques you’ll learn on the day are truly invaluvable and will bring so many benefits to your family.

If you’re unsure why not pop a message over to us at enquiries@sarahpfisher.com and we can help you make the right decision for you, with absolutely no pressure at all.

The workshop leaders

All of our leaders are experts in their fields.  They will be available during the breaks as well to talk to you, so if you can’t get to their session you’ll still get the opportunity to talk to them.

Details of all the workshop leaders will be released over the next week.

Sarah Fisher

Sarah is passionate about supporting parents to help them transform their family’s lives, whatever challenging behaviours they be experiencing.  As a single adoptive mum she understands the difficulties of parenting, particularly with the added complexities of additional needs and trauma.

She is an NVR and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner and uses both approaches in her work with parents.  The NVR approach supports the child’s development and helps parents build strong, connected relationships with their children.  RTT helps parents to release their own worries and concerns, empowering them to be the phenomenal parents they already are.  


Erin May

Erin is a BACP registered therapist with an Msc in Counselling children and young people.

She has a specialism in trauma and dissociation, and works with Adopted families and children who have been in the care system.

Erin also runs her own private practice and has published a book called ‘How to become a trauma friendly classroom – a pocket guide’ which has been sold internationally.


Zara Hunt

Zara is an adoptive mother of 2 children. She is a Freelance Trainer in Attachment and Trauma, running workshops for teaching staff in educational environments to help them develop their understanding of children with Attachment difficulties. Zara understands how extremely challenging this parenting journey can be and she is passionate about helping other parents to build stronger relationships with their children.

Anne Schuetz

Anne is a massage therapist with a passion for family orientated treatments. I started off learning adult massage and then extended my skills to baby massage, baby yoga and story massage.

I have always been fascinated in seeing babies and children develop and change. This is why I decided to become an instructor in baby massage and baby yoga. I feel passionate about helping babies to relax, supporting parents and babies with bonding and just having a great time together.

My newest offer are story massage sessions which I personally absolutely love.


Neil Griffiths

I’m an ex foster carer. I previously worked for a specialist disability independent fostering agency. I fostered 2 children with complex needs. The yp I fostered is 17 now and I’m still in regular weekly face to face contact with him.

Since fostering I took on a role as a senior support worker for an IFA, supporting and advocating for 15 foster families and their children. 

I’m an admin on attachment disorder uk Facebook support group. 

Laura Jarvis

My name is Laura Jarvis and I am an experienced Early Years and Primary teacher and Relax Kids coach. I set up Route to Relaxation with one purpose in mind: to have a positive impact on the well-being of children, young people and adults across Leicestershire.  I am passionate about the well-being of the next generation and whole- heartedly believe that happy, well-balanced children are much more likely to develop into emotionally literate adults. Route to Relaxation offers children and parents the opportunity to develop a number of skills and techniques to maintain calm and relaxation.


Jaclyn Morton

I am a Mum of two boys, 4 and 6 and a Speech and Language Therapist.

As a therapist the connection I have with the patient, and being conscious of the language I use in therapy to bring about change is hugely important. When I became a Mum I realised this is incredibly
important in the relationship with my children also. From here “Life through little eyes” was born where I blog about my aim of parenting with respect and connection, and the very bumpy, self reflective journey this has taken me on.
I have taken the RIE ® Foundations Course (www.rie.org) where I learned so much around trust, respect and connection in babies. I run a baby group with very simple play objects and encourage parents to do less and observe more. I have taken a Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) course and read countless books around conscious parenting but mostly I learn from my children and the mistakes I make daily.


Cai Graham

Cai is a Parenting & Family Coach : specifically supporting  families with Teenagers.

She wrote an Amazon bestseller : The TEEN Toolbox™ : Equipping Parents and Teenagers with the Tools for Navigating Adolescence.

Cai’s MISSION : To Help Parents to Support Their Teenagers so that Together We Can Build a Mentally Healthier and Happier Generation of Young People.

As a result – using my background as Master Practitioner in Coaching and NLP & Timeline Therapy, together with my experience with ChildLine (the UK’s leading charity : providing 24 hour counselling service for young people) I want to help families communicate better and build stronger relationships.


Mandy Middleton

I have worked for the NHS or 38 years as a Nurse and Manager. I am also a qualified Coach, Mentor and EFT Practitioner. I developed an interest at looking at other modalities that I could use with my coaching and I came across EFT and Reiki. I have sent up my own business to help and support people in living their best life and achieving their dreams and aspirations and tailor my services to meet their needs. I am honest, open and passionate about what I do. I like to make things easily accessible and providing tips and techniques that people can use in everyday life.


Lauren Davitt

Clinical Practitioner in Paediatric Occupational Therapy for Children’s Therapy Solutions

 Lauren is a highly specialised Occupational Therapist experienced within different healthcare and special schools from adolescent forensic mental health, Paediatric physical disabilities, Sensory Integration dysfunction. Lauren has experience working within child and adolescent forensic mental health, paediatrics and acquired brain injury.

She facilitates treatment within clinic and schools to support each child`s development. Her aim is to enable the child to achieve their functional goals whilst also working in collaboration with families / care givers and external providers, enabling the child to achieve their full potential in learning opportunities and daily life.


Ticket Details

Early Bird Tickets are now available.  They cost £75 each.

Full priced tickets will cost £95 each.





What do you get with your ticket?

Refreshments throughout the day.

A hot lunch prepared using local ingredients.

Savoury and sweet snacks in the afternoon.

A goody bag full of resources and information.

Your choice of 4 workshops.




 What if I change the workshops I want to attend after I’ve booked?

It may be possible to change the workshops after booking, it will depend on availability.  Email enquiries@sarahpfisher.com if you want to change.  You can only request to change workshops once.


My partner can’t make it, does that matter?

No, it’s absolutely fine for you to come without them.

I’m worried about coming by myself.

That’s totally understandable.  Turning up someone where you don’t know anyone can be daunting.  If you’d like us to arrange for someone to meet you email enquiries@sarahpfisher.com and we’ll arrange it for you.


Are tickets refundable?

No, but if we have a waiting list we will offer your ticket to those on the list.


You we pay for tickets via invoice?

Yes, please email enquiries@sarahpfisher.com for details.


Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes.  Please just let us know at least 7 days in advance.  (you can include it on the booking form)


Is there parking at the hotel?

Yes, there is parking in the car park next door.


Is it suitable for all parents?

Yes.  There are a selection of workshops so you can choose the ones that suit you the best.  Some are age or need specific, other more general.  However you became a parent, the day will help you.


Can grandparents or others who look after children come?

Yes, absolutely!  Anyone is welcome who is interested in the workshops available.

Days remaining before the event